Can Varicose Vein Treatment In Chicago Help With Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless Legs Syndrome, or RLS, is a condition in which sufferers are burdened by an uncontrollable urge to move their legs. Common symptoms of RLS can include itching, burning, and tingling in the legs. This disorder is usually worse when lying down at night and is often comforted by moving around … [Read more...]

Chicago Vein Expert: Will My Varicose Veins Go Away if I Lose Weight?

Congratulations on losing weight (or deciding to lose weight) and taking a giant leap forward in your health and wellness goals. There are many physical changes that happen in your body when you lose weight besides just the weight reduction, says Dr. Ramon Castro, a noted Chicago vein expert.  You … [Read more...]

About Painful Leg Veins & Varicose Vein Treatment Options In Chicago

Varicose veins are much more than just unsightly. Many people suffer from pain and other side effects from these abnormal leg veins. The good news is you don’t have to live with painful varicose veins or any other bothersome vein disease symptoms. Varicose vein treatment options in Chicago are … [Read more...]

Swing Into Spring Senior EXPO 2017

Senior health expo of Niles gave us the opportunity to offer free venous ultrasound screenings, to introduce our services  and education to the community. I was honored by the opportunity. Do you suffer from deep vein thrombosis? Do you understand what the risk factors and consequences of vein … [Read more...]

Five Facts from a Chicago Vein Specialist That Will Keep You Up At Night

You have seen the splotchy spider veins and bluish varicose veins on your legs when you look in the mirror, but you probably don’t think much about them. Sure, they’re ugly, but there’s no need to concern yourself with some little cosmetic problem, right? Although problem veins are certainly … [Read more...]

The Men’s Guide to Treating Swollen Legs & Ankles, By a Chicago Vein Expert

Anybody can develop swollen legs and ankles, but men have specific needs when dealing with this issue. Although men and women can both benefit from many of the same methods to reduce swelling in the lower body, there are a few distinctions in the way men should go about prevention and treatment. In … [Read more...]