Five Facts from a Chicago Vein Specialist That Will Keep You Up At Night

You have seen the splotchy spider veins and bluish varicose veins on your legs when you look in the mirror, but you probably don’t think much about them. Sure, they’re ugly, but there’s no need to concern yourself with some little cosmetic problem, right? Although problem veins are certainly … [Read more...]

The Men’s Guide to Treating Swollen Legs & Ankles, By a Chicago Vein Expert

Anybody can develop swollen legs and ankles, but men have specific needs when dealing with this issue. Although men and women can both benefit from many of the same methods to reduce swelling in the lower body, there are a few distinctions in the way men should go about prevention and treatment. In … [Read more...]

A Chicago Vein Specialist on Unexpected Problems from Swollen Legs & Ankles

Not all patients with varicose veins suffer from swollen legs & ankles, but those that do know the heaviness and aching that frequently accompany them. Elevating legs often brings temporary relief, but symptoms often come back as soon as their feet hit the ground. A leading vein care specialist … [Read more...]

Chicago Vein Expert Warns of Problems that Can Arise from Swollen Legs & Ankles

Swollen legs and ankles can have numerous benign causes, such as a twisted ankle or pregnancy. Most of these cases resolve themselves. But if you find that your swelling is unexplainable or isn’t going away on its own, it’s time to see a Chicago vein expert for a vein screening as soon as possible … [Read more...]

Chicago Vein Expert: Best Vein Treatment Options for Patients with a Low Pain Tolerance

At Chicago Vein Care Center, we realize that many patients with varicose veins are worried about pain and discomfort from their procedure. This is why Dr. Ramon Castro and our medical team choose to perform minimally invasive treatment options that are practically pain-free and help reduce your … [Read more...]

Am I Too Old for Varicose Vein Treatment in Chicago?

The best part of modern varicose vein treatments in Chicago is that they are much safer than traditional surgeries, and older people are typically eligible for these treatments. Many people (even some general practitioners) still believe that older people shouldn’t concern themselves with how their … [Read more...]