Chicago vascular doctorUltrasound technology has made it easier for a Chicago vascular doctor and patients alike to get the right treatment for their vein condition. Vascular doctors work with patients to create an individualized treatment strategy that will achieve the best results. To do this, they need to evaluate the patient’s existing health, look at their family history, and use a number of diagnostic techniques to view the function of their vascular system. Doppler ultrasound is a valuable tool for performing the latter. It works by bouncing sound waves off bodily tissues and forming an image on the screen where the doctor may study the image without any pain or discomfort to the patient.

How ultrasound is used for varicose vein treatment in Chicago

Many vascular doctors believe that endovenous laser treatment is often the best varicose vein treatment in Chicago for patients with all levels of varicose veins. The procedure works by feeding a tiny catheter through a needle and into a diseased vein. Ultrasound is used so the doctor can guide the catheter to the area where treatment is needed. Thermal energy, or heat, is then applied to the inside of the vein so that it will collapse and seal shut. Once the vein is sealed shut, the blood is redirected naturally to other veins that are healthy.

How the use of ultrasound improves varicose vein treatment in Chicago

Ultrasound gives the Chicago vascular doctor the ability to see the area of veins where they need to be treated and allows him to see when other conditions exist that might otherwise be overlooked. Dr. Ramon Castro relies on ultrasound to provide patients with the accurate diagnosis needed to determine the best path of treatment for the individual. He also uses ultrasound to assist him in delivering optimal results from vein treatment. Call us at 773-283-7887 or go online to schedule an appointment for a consultation and get the diagnosis that will let Dr. Castro find the perfect vein treatment plan for you.