Chicago vein specialistMany people feel almost immediately better when they start to wear compression stockings, but it can take up to several weeks for them to bring any noticeable effects in many cases. It’s also important to wear properly fitting compression stockings that compress most at your ankle and graduate to the least compression at your knee or thigh. If, despite all this, you still have achy, swollen legs and feet, it’s time to see a Chicago vein specialist to talk about where to go from there.

What can Chicago residents do if compression stockings don’t work?

Compression stockings work best for individuals with mild to moderate forms of vein disease, but they don’t work in every situation. More severe cases of vein disease may take more than compression to restore adequate circulation to your legs and help you feel better. Some people find that elevating their legs or walking can help alleviate symptoms, but this is only a temporary fix.

Minimally invasive procedures for treating vein disease

Top varicose and spider vein doctors in Chicago provide advanced procedures to successfully treat diseased veins while maintaining optimal comfort and safety. In fact, only local anesthetics are needed to numb the treatment area because the procedures are minimally invasive. This means you won’t have to worry about general anesthesia or painful surgery. You can also look forward to almost immediate relief and little, if any, recovery time.

If compression stockings aren’t working for you, give us call

Dr. Ramon Castro is an experienced Chicago vein specialist who specializes in minimally invasive procedures that restore healthier circulation to the legs and ankles by eliminating problem veins. When you’re ready to trade in your compression stockings for effective and long-lasting results, call us at 773-283-7887 or go online to schedule your treatment consultation. You’ll be glad you did!